How Advisors use TRAK to Sell More in Less Time

Thousands of retirement planning advisors are using The Retirement Analysis Kit for the qualified plan enrollment (in 401(k), 403(b), 457 and the federal government retirement markets) and retirement planning. Day by day, TRAK advisors are becoming a real community among retirement planners throughout the country.

That’s what Success TRAK is all about — hooking all of you up together so that you can share how you are all using TRAK’s features to sell more in less time.

Success TRAK will be short and sweet – actual sales stories how you and other advisors are using TRAK in day-in and day-out sales situations.

Success TRAK #9

Joe Craw, is an advisor for PlanMemeber Services that enjoys working with participants in the 403(b) market. He has been able to leverage TRAK to help those with limited salaries maximize their savings opportunities. Finding solutions is what puts a smile on his face when helping others find solutions to their retirement needs.

Success TRAK #8

Melinda Boat, began her career in retirement planning in audit and compliance roles, designing plans and testing for compliance. Today,Melinda has a client-facing role as Senior Vice President of Client Relations for Plexus Financial Services. She leverages all her expertise in qualified retirement plans with corporate clients and recommends TRAK to other advisors.

Success TRAK #7

David Cain has been working in financial services since 1987, he is the regional sales manager for Sterling National Financial Group in Dallas, Texas. David and his team of 46 advisors serve the 403(b) market and spend their days educating clients about their retirement planning options. David has trained his team in TRAK so that every client receives a personalized pension analysis. He credits TRAK with increasing his advisors’ success rate.

Success TRAK #6

John Higgins has worked in Morristown, New Jersey as a 401(k) advisor for about ten years. He focuses on small base plans, defined as having 25 – 100 employees and assets of $1 - $10 million. He calls TRAK a “best friend”.

Success TRAK #5

Hal Harrison, from Phoenix, uses TRAK with the client to increase sales. He recently experienced a 267% (!) increase in deferrals by using TRAK for education.

Success TRAK #4

Charles Rushmore, from Grand Rapids, uses TRAK with the client to help them plan for their retirement.

Success TRAK #3

Rick McCallister, from Torrance, California, educates teachers with TRAK Software.

Success TRAK #2

Ann Vanderslice, from Colorado, provides financial advise for federal employees using TRAK Software.

Success TRAK #1

Read how Sherilyn Schwartz, an Oregon advisor, more than doubled her plan sponsor's 401(k) deferral-increases with TRAK's Paycheck Analysis feature! Have your own TRAK success story? Share it with us by sending an email to Please include your contact information so we may give you a call.

Trust Builders, Inc. has a long history of working with corporate accounts of all sizes. Trust Builders, Inc. will draw on our experience to help your advisors increase their sales through client education.

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