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Meet Some of the Advisors Who Use and Love TRAK!

Today, in meetings all around the country, financial advisors are talking to engaged clients who are excited about their retirement.  These advisors are educating their clients, building trust with meaninful dialog about their clients future and finding unmanaged assets to help their clients reach their retirement goals.  These advisors are using The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK).  Help your client answer their retirement questions! TRAK is financial planning software designed specifically for advisors. TRAK does not get you bogged down in needless details, but is designed to be efficient and effective for handling client question about 401(k), 403(b), 457, Thrift Savings (TSP), IRA and Roth retirement plans.

Don't just take our word for it, meet some of the advisors who use and love TRAK!  After that, give it a try for yourself by downloading a demo!

Matt Monroe Retirement Readiness with TRAKFor Matt Monroe, Partner at Retirement and Benefit Partners, TRAK is integral to his process of engaging 401(k) plan participants. Hear more about his process and how TRAK has helped him work more closely with participants, engaing and educating them in retirement readiness planning. Find out why Matt Monroe uses TRAK!

Participant Education with Jonathon SchultheissJonathon Schultheiss, Partner at Gate City Advisors, uses TRAK participant and plan sponsor solutions to engage participants and provide added value to plan sponsors. Effective participant education has also increased AUM. Hear how Jonathon Schultheiss uses TRAK!

Retirement Readiness with Basam MalikBasam Malik, Enrollment Specialist at Rehmann Financial, shares some of his success stories using TRAK to help 401(k) plan participants in their retirement readiness planning. Hear why Basam Malik uses TRAK!

Plan Participant Education using TRAKBasam Malik, Enrollment Specialist at Rehmann Financial, demonstrates plan participant education using TRAK. TRAK's Batch Gap and Contribution Analysis reports immediately engage participants. Hear why Basam Malik uses TRAK!

Chris Janeway shares TRAK retirement planning software success storyChris Janeway, a PlanMember Advisor from California, finds that TRAK helps him build trust with clients as they become more engaged in the retirement planning process and understand what Chris is trying to do for them.  Hear more from Chris Janeway!

Doug Massey shares TRAK retirement planning software success storyDoug Massey of OFG Financial Services in Texas is using TRAK to help K-12 and higher education teachers plan for their retirement.  TRAK is his favorite tool and loves its versatility and how it paints a visual picture for his clients.  Find out why Doug Massey uses TRAK!

Richard Ford shares TRAK retirement planning software success storiesRichard Ford, Chief Marketing Officer of PlanMember Financial Corporation, shares that TRAK is incorporated into the DNA of the organization.  He observes that all of PlanMember's successful advisors use TRAK.  Find out why!

Robert Young III shares TRAK retirement planning software success storiesRobert Young III, a PlanMember Advisor from Arizona, finds that clients love TRAK's easy to understand visuals and that his clients are actively engaged in their retirement planning.  TRAK has helped him find unmanaged assets too.  Find out why Robert Young even recommended TRAK to his broker/dealer!

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