Introducing TRAK-Online

TRAK-Online, is a transformational retirement planning solution for advisors. By changing the focus of retirement planning conversations from sales to education, TRAK-Online helps educate clients and engages them in the retirement planning process, resulting in them understanding your value as a financial advisor.

TRAK-Online is efficient and effective in handling clients’ questions about various qualified plans (including 401(k), 403(b), 457, Thrift Savings Plans (TSP), IRAs, Roth, etc.). TRAK-Online’s visually engaging reports make retirement planning easy to understand. Advisors often use TRAK-Online solutions interactively with their clients, quickly illustrating how variables can have a big impact on their retirement goals. Additionally, TRAK-Online can help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibility and comply with DOL rules by including all of your clients’ assets and illustrating nearly any retirement scenario. TRAK-Online has a number of retirement planning calculators, each designed to communicate a specific retirement planning concept to a client.


With TRAK-Online, similar to TRAK, users can help clients model, analyze, and illustrate retirement scenarios, rendering eye-catching graphs and charts that powerfully illustrate the need and benefits of properly planning for retirement. TRAK-Online uses the latest web technologies to support mobile and touch-friendly devices. It renders and displays properly on most smartphones.

With TRAK-Online, you can be there when your clients need you. With only an internet connection and a standard browser, you can support more collaborative retirement planning meetings.


TRAK-Online includes the following features:

Additional calculators and functionality will be added to TRAK-Online soon to further support your retirement consulting needs.


With TRAK-Online, users leverage many of the same robust features found in the TRAK desktop calculators. (In fact, the online and desktop calculators share the same code base, making you productive right away, without the need to relearn calculator functionality.)

The benefits of TRAK-Online include:

  • User-friendly navigation using the latest in web design
  • No need to relearn new software
  • Mobile- and touch-friendly
  • Easily access client files from any browser (tablet, Mac, Windows and smart phones)
  • No desktop software and desktop licenses to manage
  • Secure sign-on with 128-bit encryption
  • TRAK-Online represents a new and important user channel for you and your agents, brokers and clients. Visit our new website today to see how our new tools make it easy to help your clients.

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