Trust Builders Adds Popular Interest Calculator to TRAK-Online

Dallas, OR (October 26, 2016) — Trust Builders, Inc. is announcing the release of the Interest Calculator for the TRAK-Online retirement readiness portal. The Interest Calculator helps advisors clearly illustrate accumulation, distribution, loans and combined accumulation and distribution scenarios.

“The Interest Calculator is an amazingly simple tool,” says Edward Dressel, President of Trust Builders, the Dallas, Oregon-based developer of TRAK-Online. “Advisors tell me over and over how much they like it because it helps their clients easily understand the time-value of money.”

The Interest Calculator’s easy data entry allows advisors to create illustrations in seconds. Engaging visuals and detailed charts help clients understand accumulation, distribution, loans, and combined accumulation and distribution scenarios within the context of their retirement savings. The calculator helps advisors solve for the projected value, interest rate, number of years, or number of withdrawals or deposits. The Interest Calculator’s flexibility allows advisors to illustrate nearly any scenario.

Successful San Diego advisor Bruce Smith uses the Interest Calculator to illustrate the value of compound interest to younger clients. “I like that [TRAK’s Interest Calculator] lets me build a scenario of putting in $500 a month at 6% per year and then shows how much that investment could grow in 30, 40 and 50 years,” explains Smith.

TRAK also helps older clients who need to understand their options for distribution. For example, the Interest Calculator illustrates how much clients can take out each month without running out of money.

The powerful and popular Interest Calculator was previously available only in the desktop TRAK software. Now it is a value-added feature of TRAK-Online. It complements the portal’s existing Gap Analysis, Paycheck, Strategic Social Security and Split-Annuity Calculators.

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