Batch Contribution Analysis

Help plan participants take incremental steps to reach their retirement goals. When a participant sees that they will need to make a big jump in their contribution in order to be ready for retirement, this can be discouraging and demotivating. TRAK-Online's Batch Contribution Analysis report illustrates to plan participants a number of different contribution options and also how those options might be projected into retirement. This helps participants understand their options and if they can't make a big increase in their contribution, it helps motivate them to begin taking smaller steps to move forward.

TRAK-Online’s Contribution Analysis Report starts by calculating a client’s paycheck (including tax withholdings), allowing a client to connect with the information being presented. Moving on from their current situation, the report illustrates the impact of increased contributions on the client’s paycheck. The illustrated increase in contributions can be configured as needed and can even illustrate yearly increases in deferrals such as might be present in a plan with auto-escalation.

The report can illustrate how the increased contributions grow over time at various rates of return (e.g., 5 years, 10 years and at retirement).

Additionally, the report can illustrate the impact on the projected retirement account balance at retirement if the client should wait before increasing the amount of his or her contributions.

Finally, the report can illustrate the income stream from the projected account balances at retirement.

Some advisors have objected to the wealth of information provided in this report. Please note that the amount of information can be reduced. However, once advisors use this report, they often respond differently. Plan participants are able to understand the report because the calculations are based on their own paycheck. This helps them connect with the data and they quickly understand the other ideas that are being communicated.

The Contribution Analysis report is an excellent solution for an enrollment or re-enrollment meeting. It helps clients quickly comprehend the impacts of increasing contributions not only on their paycheck, but also in retirement.

Help your participants start taking steps to a successful retirement!

What are other advisors saying about the Batch Contribution Analysis?

Advisors consitently tell us how the Contribution Analysis report helps participants understand the advantage of taking incremental steps to reach their retirement goals...and the cost or waiting or doing nothing. Don't just take out word for it, hear how advisors are using this report effectively with plan participants.

Basam Malik, Enrollment Specialist at Rehmann Financial, has found exciting success motivating plan participants unsing the Batch Gap and Contribution Analysis reports. In our interview he shares some of his success stories using TRAK to help 401(k) plan participants in their retirement readiness planning. Hear why Basam Malik uses TRAK!

Gerald Wernette, Principal/Director of Retirement Plan Consulting for Rehmann Retirement Builders has called TRAK a "must-have tool". The Batch Gap and Contribution Analysis reports help his team capture participants’ attention because the data is personalized for them. Read more about why Gerald Wernette and his team use TRAK.

If you like what you hear, then give TRAK-Online try and see the difference it can make to your participants plan sponsors and your business.

About TRAK-Online

TRAK-Online is a transformational retirement planning solution for advisors. By changing the focus of retirement planning conversations from sales to education, TRAK-Online helps educate clients and engages them in the retirement planning process, resulting in them understanding your value as a financial advisor.

TRAK-Online is efficient and effective in handling clients’ questions about various qualified plans (including 401(k), 403(b), 457, Thrift Savings Plans (TSP), IRAs, Roth, etc.). TRAK-Online’s visually engaging reports make retirement planning easy to understand. Advisors often use TRAK-Online solutions interactively with their clients, quickly illustrating how variables can have a big impact on their retirement goals. Additionally, TRAK-Online can help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibility and comply with DOL rules by including all of your clients’ assets and illustrating nearly any retirement scenario. TRAK-Online has a number of retirement planning calculators, each designed to communicate a specific retirement planning concept to a client.

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