New Features

Here at Trust Builders, we want TRAK to be the only tool you need to effectively engage your clients in retirement readiness. In keeping with that mission, we frequently add new and update existing features in TRAK and TRAK-Online. Here are some of our more recent new features and updates.

New Accumulation and Distribution Analysis in the Interest Calculator

Recently we added a new feature to our popular and powerful Interest Calculator tool. This new feature will allow you to illustrate an Accumulation and Distribution scenario where you can show a client how deposits over a period of time will accumulate and then illustrate how that account can create monthly income in retirement. Especially powerful with younger clients! Watch a demo.

Release of Paycheck Calculator for TRAK-Online

We recently added the new Paycheck Calculator to the TRAK-Online retirement readiness portal. The Paycheck Calculator is a suite of three separate calculators that help advisors provide illustrations to clients: the Paycheck Analysis, 1040 Analysis and Projections calculators. Read press release.

New Contribution Analysis Feature

Trust Builders is pleased to announce the release of the new Contribution Analysis feature in TRAK retirement planning software. This new feature will allow an advisor to illustrate multiple retirement plan contribution strategies to a client and to easily and effectively incorporate these strategies into a full retirement plan. The Contribution Analysis feature is now included in the Gap Analysis and Quick Gap Calculators so be sure to update TRAK to access this new feature. Watch the video to learn how to use this new feature!

Trust Builders Adds Popular Interest Calculator to TRAK-Online

Trust Builders, Inc. is announcing the release of the Interest Calculator for the TRAK-Online retirement readiness portal. The Interest Calculator helps advisors clearly illustrate accumulation, distribution, loans and combined accumulation and distribution scenarios. Read press release.

Trust Builders Offers Sequence of Returns Calculator

Trust Builders is pleased to announce the Sequence of Returns calculator with integration in The Retirement Analysis Kit’s (TRAK’s) existing retirement needs analysis calculators. The Sequence of Returns analysis evaluates a client’s retirement plan and assesses the likelihood of possible success or failure based on a historical stock index or a blend of indexes. Read press release.

Trust Builders Introduces Online Plan Participant Tools

Trust Builders is announcing the release of its new Batch Processing module for the TRAK-Online retirement readiness portal. The Batch Processing module helps advisors provide engaging retirement readiness illustrations to plan participants and plan sponsors. Read press release.

Is there a dream feature you would love to see in TRAK? Let us know! We are always happy to receive suggestions from advisors using TRAK on how to improve the software. Send your idea to our support team.

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