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Retirement Gap Analysis in a Difficult Economy

A comfortable retirement is the end goal for most American workers today. That end is increasingly difficult in today’s economy. The retirement gap is increasing and even with 401(k) and social security safety nets, the prospect of not working is nerve wracking at best. As a financial advisor your objective is to help with the Gap Analysis so that your clients achieve the most stable post work life possible. You will be challenged with clients who come from different backgrounds and each will have a different understanding of what to expect from their retirement. Our software will enable you to give them the most appropriate, accurate advice and make their transition into life after working as painless as it can be.

What is TRAK Software?

  • - TRAK (The Retirement Analysis Kit) includes fully equipped Quick Gap and Gap Analysis calculators to complement your services and help you and your clients make the most informed decisions with the least amount of effort.
  • - Our software also includes an exhaustive list of federal retirement plans and their various benefits
  • - Includes more than 450 different public pension plans for working with a 403(b)
  • - TRAK also includes in depth outlines and benefits of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)

Why Should I Use TRAK?

  • - Many people interpret information more effectively when presented with a visual aid
  • - TRAK's ability easily switch between display high-level overviews as well as detailed cash flow analysis in one location makes demonstrating their importance to your clients simple and easy to explain
  • - The option to include all of your client’s financial information (pensions, income, lump sum accounts, etc.) and the ability to compare that with the effects of waiting, retirement age and inflation makes evaluating retirement easier for both you and the future retiree.
The days approaching retirement can be some of the most frightening. Most workers, blue collar and white, haven’t done enough research to be properly informed about what to expect when they finally decide to leave the working world. Ultimately, your goal as an advisor is to make those clients feel more secure about their future and our software will enable you to do that as best you can.

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Whether you work for a large corporate financial firm or you are an independent broker, TRAK gives you the tools you need to educate clients about their retirements. For more information, contact us today. Download Demo Purchase TRAK