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The Best Paycheck Analysis

Everybody receives a paycheck every week but with hundreds of them and dozens of categories on each check, they can be very difficult to properly keep track of. When your clients are looking to properly manage their finances, or possibly retire, they need to properly understand every aspect of their paychecks to make the right decision. The TRAK Paycheck calculator offered by Trust Builders Inc includes a comprehensive paycheck calculator that is able to help any analyst understand the ins and outs of an individual’s paychecks.

TRAK Paycheck Analysis Services

The primary purpose of the Paycheck Analysis feature is to display important data to clients using an easy-to-read illustration. Seeing the projections, and statistics provided by the TRAK Paycheck Analysis system is a turning point for many clients because it is information that they can understand. On top of the take home pay calculator feature, the Paycheck Analysis tool includes options for:

  • Three retirement accounts and inclusion of Roth accounts
  • Option to display data in percentage form or as whole dollar value
  • Itemize deductions and after-tax deductions
  • Hide or show relevant fields
  • Apply state-relevant customization fields

A Tool That Clients Understand

When agents are engaged with clients, often times much of what is said goes clear over the client’s head. The majority of individuals don’t have a clear grasp on financial management and in order for them to properly understand, they need the date in front of them in a clear and objective fashion. The Paycheck Analysis tool allows for speculative “what if?” scenarios to help you and your clients cover all possible bases.

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