Individual Financial Planner

The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK) is used by financial planners across the United States for educating clients about retirement. Why is TRAK so popular? Advisors appreciate the ease-of-use. TRAK includes a modern user interface for helping advisors navigate the numerous financial planning programs in TRAK. And their clients understand the charts, graphs and reports. TRAK is designed to help clients quickly understand what their advisors are communicating.


TRAK is a suite of more than 20 programs. Each is designed to communicate a specific retirement planning concept to a client. Our most popular calculators are: Use TRAK to help answer these questions for your clients:
  • At what age shoud I retire?
  • How much will my taxes change if I contribute more to my qualified plan?
  • How much should I put into my 403(b) plan each paycheck?
  • How will inflation impact my retirement income?
  • How much will I get from my state pension?
  • Will I have enough income for my retirement?
  • and many more...
TRAK is a suite of financial planning tools and is available in 4 different versions, each one tailored to meet specific needs.


TRAK includes not only a suite of financial planner software programs, but also an array of support solutions to help you begin using TRAK quickly and continue using it efficiently. You choose the support method that works best for you:
  • Weekly Web Training Classes
  • TRAK User's Manual
  • Answering questions via e-mail
  • Custom, one-on-one training (call to request pricing)
  • Telephone Support: We provide five free technical support phone calls.
  • Online Help: E-mail us a question and we can often respond quickly with a link to our online help with a detailed explanation.