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The Retirement Analysis Kit Help File

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Getting Started

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Congratulations! You now own the most powerful tools available for demonstrating the benefits of proper retirement planning. Education is the heart of TRAK -- quickly and vividly showing the client how their financial scenario relates to retirement, both their assets and needs.

Below are a few links for getting started (e.g. how to register TRAK), then jump right to the program you want to learn.

Note that you do not need to know how to use all of TRAK features before getting started. TRAK users only need proficiency in the features that encompass the needs of their client base.

Getting Started

The Retirement Analysis Kit is designed with ease of use in mind! The following links send you directly to explanations of all the different tools available.

Registering TRAK

Working with Client Files

What's New

TRAK Programs

Entering Agent Information

Walking through TRAK's Menu

Working with Dock Panels