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TRAK: Leading Financial Planning Software

If you are looking for versatile and powerful financial planning software to help your clients plan their retirements, then look no further. The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK) from Trust Builders, Inc. is a leading financial planning tool. TRAK has been rated as the most effective sales tool by a Fortune 100 company. For over 25 years, TRAK has been the top choice for financial planners, brokers, and investment advisors across America for their financial planning software.

The single best financial planning software for financial advisors

TRAK is extremely effective financial planning software because it allows you to turn a client meeting from a sales pitch into an educational session. Most people have heard so many sales pitches that when they hear another one their defenses automatically go up and they tune out. Using TRAK, however, allows financial advisors to educate their clients on the realities and possibilities of their retirement. Clients are grateful to learn, and it gives the financial advisor the opportunity to provide concrete solutions to the problems that present themselves during the analysis.

TRAK is versatile

Many of our customers require financial planning software that is customizable to their particular needs, and we are happy to accommodate them. We are able to provide integration with customers’ own corporate software, customize reports, add specific calculators, add your company or advisor branding, and add customized disclaimer pages. If you require any other customizations to meet your corporate or personal needs, please let us know – we’ll do what we can to make sure that TRAK is working for you!

TRAK is the only financial planning software you need

Whether you work for a large corporate financial firm or you are an independent broker, TRAK gives you the tools you need to educate clients about their retirements. Let us take some time to go over some of the most popular features and calculators that TRAK offers.

Strategic Social Security Calculator

With a client’s social security statement you are given the ability to illustrate to them thousands of scenarios which are compared against each other. This allows the client to easily see what strategies will produce the outcome they are trying to find.

This does not mean that you or the client will have to sift through thousands of possibilities. With the click of a mouse you can sort the scenarios through different filters such as, highest or lowest total income and highest real dollar value.

Furthermore, as social security planning is not done in a vacuum, TRAK can integrate other factors such as assets into the equation to create a more accurate and robust set of option.

Paycheck Calculator

To secure your future you must take account of the present. TRAK offers 3 calculators to help you understand your current paycheck and where it can lead you.

  • Paycheck analysis
  • 1040 Analysis
  • Projection Analysis

These programs are made to educate your clients so you do not have to rely on “sales speak” to help them choose the plan that is in their best interest. The clear illustration of what their current situation means for their future plans is enough to keep any client focused on what you have to say. Clearly marked charts and graphs engage the client by giving them information in easily digestible bites.

Gap Calculator

For clients to understand the situation they are in they need to see where they are and what they could become. The Gap Calculator allows you to clearly show the client where the gap in their plans can be found.

The calculator can help you clarify thrift savings plans (TSP), federal employment group life insurance (FEGLI) and much more.

Split Annuity Calculator

Annuities are one of the most confusing forms of financial planning for the average client. To help them grasp all of the important aspects which impact them you need the right tools. The TRAK Split Annuities Calculator contains helpful features to educate and illuminate.

Some of the key points of the calculator are:

  • Easy calculation of interest rates
  • The effect of different inflation rates
  • The first tier can be either a deferred or immediate annuity
  • The final tier can be a lump sum or a guaranteed income rider

Batch Processing

This tool grants you the ability to give those who are planning for retirement a detailed yet easy to navigate report showing how their contributions affect their retirement goals.

For the client, they receive a one page report with all of the relevant information so they can easily digest the information. What is even more important is that the report does not leave the client feeling hopeless if their current situation does not meet their goals. The bottom of the report gives the client options on how to meet the goal which opens up dialogue between you and the client.

If your client sees hope to secure their future then they will be easier to work with and keep them positive.

And much more

Besides these excellent tools TRAK also has a number of other helpful ways to point your clients in the right direction so they are informed on how to make the best decisions to reach their goals.

  • State Pension plans
  • Stretch IRA
  • Asset Allocation Questionnaire
  • RMD Calculator
  • Debt Analyzer
  • College Funding
  • Internal Rate of Return Calculator
  • Life insurance Analysis
  • Maximum Allowable Contribution Calculator

These are only some of the tools that we offer. But don’t take our word for it. You can download a free demo and try out TRAK for yourself. Go ahead, take it for a test drive to see why so many companies throughout the USA use TRAK to help them relay information to their clients.

The Medium is the Message

Helping individuals with their finances is a competitive industry. That is why having the necessary tools at your disposal to provide your clients with easily understandable material that incorporates both writing and graphics is key.

If your client feels confused and thinks that you are just using financial jargon, then they may make a choice that is not in their best interest or they may even decide to take their business elsewhere.

Help your clients and your business, try TRAK today!

TRAK is the only financial planning software you need

Whether you work for a large corporate financial firm or you are an independent broker, TRAK gives you the tools you need to educate clients about their retirements. For more information, contact us today.

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