Other Popular Tools

TRAK includes many other tools frequently used by advisors during retirement planning.

  • Asset Allocation Questionnaire: Includes built-in questionnaires and the flexibility to add many custom asset allocation questionnaires.
  • RMD Calculator: Calculate the Required Minimum Distribution on an account and illustrate the effects of RMD on the account over time.
  • 72(t): Instantly calculate a penalty free distribution from a pre-tax account prior to age 59½. Mid-term interest rates can be updated over the internet with the click of a mouse button!
  • Debt Analyzer: Illustrate the paying off high interest credit cards with a loan from a qualified plan.
  • College Funding: Calculate the savings needed to fund college accounts for client's children.
  • Internal Rate of Return Calculator: Calculate the rate of retuned in an account that includes irregular distributions and/or deposits.
  • Life Insurance Analysis:
  • Maximum Allowable Contribution Calculator: Calculate the maximum annual contribution to 403(b) account (include the 402(g) catch up) and a 457 account. Includes calculate the 402(g) limit and double-up options.

TRAK is constantly being updated with additional tools as we continually strive to be more efficient and effective when working with clients.

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