403(b) Advisor Success Stories

You have a passion to serve teachers, government, and non-profit employees, but struggle getting plan participants to make time for you...not to mention all those complicated pension plans!  Advisors like you are using TRAK to engage their clients by making participant education fun and uncomplicated.  Check out why these passionate 403(b) advisors rely on TRAK.

Joe Craw, is an advisor for PlanMemeber Services that enjoys working with participants in the 403(b) market. He has been able to leverage TRAK to help those with limited salaries maximize their savings opportunities. Finding solutions is what puts a smile on his face when helping others find solutions to their retirement needs.

David Cain has been working in financial services since 1987, he is the regional sales manager for Sterling National Financial Group in Dallas, Texas. David and his team of 46 advisors serve the 403(b) market and spend their days educating clients about their retirement planning options. David has trained his team in TRAK so that every client receives a personalized pension analysis. He credits TRAK with increasing his advisors’ success rate.

Hal Harrison, from Phoenix, uses TRAK with the client to increase sales. He recently experienced a 267% (!) increase in deferrals by using TRAK for education.

Charles Rushmore, from Grand Rapids, uses TRAK with the client to help them plan for their retirement.  Church says, "I love using TRAK in front of customers. I actually bought a nineteen inch monitor and mounted it on my desk so my clients have their own screen to look a while I'm on my laptop."

Rick McCallister, from Torrance, California, educates teachers with TRAK Software.  Rick has been using TRAK since the 90's and says, "TRAK has helped my clients see me as a coach and an educator."

Marina Armbruster, from California, has a simple mission: to provide independent and practical financial advice designed to take the confusion and complexities out of financial planning.  TRAK’s customizable reports help Marina create a reason for people to want to meet with her.

Keith Young, an advisor from Texas, regularly uses TRAK’s Income Gap Analysis to provide a realistic view of retirement savings. “It solves for the amount of income you want at retirement and gives people a wake-up call about savings,” he explains.

Bruce Smith, of San Diego, and his representatives have used TRAK for over ten years and believe that TRAK separates and elevates them as retirement experts.  According to Bruce, “With TRAK, you become the go-to-person. It allows you to provide quality advice—and if you bring quality to the table, clients will never leave you.”

Bill Hoffman, of Oregon, says “TRAK is so simple to use and it’s very efficient. This tool has really helped me serve my clients well and they, in turn, refer new clients to me.”  TRAK’s Pension Maximization calculator is among his "must have" calculators.

Andrew Jaramillo, an advisor from California, this TRAK's Strategic Social Security Calculator is "dynamite"!  “I absolutely recommend TRAK. Anyone who’s not using it isn’t an advisor, but merely a salesperson,” says Andrew.

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