401(k) Advisor Success Stories

Participant meetings don't have to feel like a waste of time and effort. Successful 401(k) advisors all over the country are using TRAK to educate and engage plan participants, improve their meeting efficiency and find unmanaged assets. Check out why our 401(k) advisors love TRAK!

Melinda Boat, began her career in retirement planning in audit and compliance roles, designing plans and testing for compliance. Today,Melinda has a client-facing role as Senior Vice President of Client Relations for Plexus Financial Services. She leverages all her expertise in qualified retirement plans with corporate clients and recommends TRAK to other advisors.

John Higgins has worked in Morristown, New Jersey as a 401(k) advisor for about ten years. He focuses on small base plans, defined as having 25 – 100 employees and assets of $1 - $10 million. He calls TRAK a “best friend”.

Hal Harrison, from Phoenix, uses TRAK with the client to increase sales. He recently experienced a 267% (!) increase in deferrals by using TRAK for education.

Sherilyn Schwartz, an Oregon advisor, more than doubled her plan sponsor's 401(k) deferral-increases with TRAK's Paycheck Analysis feature!

Joshua Sorensen, an advisor in California, uses the Batch Gap report help him inspire plan sponsors to provide more tailored education materials for participants.  He loves TRAK and the responsive support he gets from Trust Builders.

Gerald Wernette, from Michigan, recently used TRAK to help increase plan participation to 100%, rolling over $2 million and finding 2.1$ in outside assets!  Gerald says, “TRAK turned into our must-have tool.”

For LuAnn Jarnagin, a Tennessee advisor, TRAK’s Quick Gap kick-starts the discussion about how participants will use their retirement savings.  “I love using this tool interactively, because telling participants to save more does nothing. But if they can see how a 1% or 2% increase will change their balance over time, that changes things,” explains LuAnn.

Earl Avakian, from Ohio, faithfully uses the Batch GAP Analysis as his “door opener.” According to Earl, “The beauty of the Batch GAP Analysis is that it opens the door to more conversations about old 401(k) plans, IRAs, spouses’ pension plans, and health insurance needs.”

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