Paycheck Analysis in TRAK

Do you know the answers to your client’s questions? Do you even know the right questions to motivate them to increase their qualified plan contributions? With TRAK you can easily educate them with the information they will need to increase that contribution. TRAK can do that by connecting with your client in a realistic and meaningful way that builds confidence in your ability as an advisor. Let’s take the example of their paycheck analysis. As an advisor, if you had a tool that would allow you to match your clients take home pay, that would be pretty impressive; right? But what if you could ask them “How much could you afford to take home per payday?”; and then illustrate what the increase to their qualified plan would look like. The below example illustrates that perfectly by showing their current paycheck and then a proposal that suggests a new take home pay of $2000.00 versus $2233.00.

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